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I joined the Athletic Young Academy when I was 12. In Lezama, I learnt football values, I embraced a lifestyle, I started as a cub and I shaped as a lion. I made my debut in October 1987 in Valladolid with a defeat.

I have played for all the national team categories until I reached the first team in Ljubljana against the former Yugoslavia in 1990. With the number 4 in my back I had the pleasure to represent the national team in the Italy World Championship in 1990. After that, EEUU 1994. I also played the Euro Cup in England in 1996. My last World tournament was France 1998.

My second big learning curve was when Real Madrid, trained by Benito Floro by then, contacted me. It was 1993, a “rock’n’roll” period where I played more tournaments than ever and I won several title. The first one was hugely especial, as we won the Spanish Super Cup against FC Barcelona. We also won 2 League tournaments, 94-95 with Jorge Valdano and 96-97 with Fabio Capello.

After 4 superb years, I came back to my origins. I joined Athletic again in 1997 where we made history being the runner-up in the League tournament. I kept playing as a professional footballer in the club that brought me up until 2002 when I decided to retire from football.

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2 Leagues
1 Supercopa


After going away from the pitches I did not want myself to separate from sports as they have been the driving force of my identity. Years later, I graduated from the RFEF as both, national coach and director of football.

In 2013, I started my professional career in the Olympiacos team staff, being the right hand of the principal coach, Michel. It was a tough and intense season with loads of learning. From there we signed with Olympique of Marseille for the 2015-16 season where I stayed as the second coach.

Sport milestones

Sport milestones

54 times international with Spanish National Team. World Cup Italy 90/ World Cup USA 94/ Eurocup England 96/ World Cup France 98.

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1987 Athletic debut 24th October 1987 1990 Spanish Team Debut 26th May 1990 1990 World Cup Italy 90 1993 Real Madrid's Sign 1994 Supercopa Champion 1993-1994 1994 World Cup USA 1995 League Champion 1994-1995 1997 League Champion 1996-1997 1997 Comeback Athletic 1998 World Cup France 1998 League runner-up 1997-1998 2002 Leave proffesional football